“He set us free”


June 16th of 2010. I arrived at JFK Airport with my guitar, my suitcase and an excitement that I couldn’t control. I still remember the heat and the exhausting humidity of that summer… I took a cab and I headed to Washington Heights, my new home for the rest of the summer… Damn…, it feels like yesterday… I was so ready for the upcoming new moment in my life. I felt so alive and free. I felt that anything could happen anytime. I was in the middle of the most challenging environment and I wanted to discover every corner of it so I took the A and I went downtown and I said, well I should celebrate my first day in NY so I grabbed a newspaper and there they were, “Petty and his Heartbreakers ready to hit MSG with their Mojo Tour on July 28th” I needed to get that seat…!

I will always remember that unforgettable night of Rock n Roll in front of one of my most beloved heroes. I remember the tears of emotion, the adrenaline, the encouraging energy, the artistry, the magic surrounding the venue. It was an absolutely timeless experience.

He was a true artist, a real hero and a committed musician. That night of July he set us all free. Now he is flying away. Rest in Peace dear Tom. You will be missed.


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