Singer and songwriter from Spain relocated in NYC. Her first solo album “Antes de que Hables” was published in 2009 in Spain and other countries in Latin America. Her first single “Antes de sue Hables” (“Before you speak”) was finalist in the latin category of the prestigious american awards “International Songwriting Competition”. After that, she was collaborating in many other musical projects in her country, touring and writing songs for other artists. Later in 2010, Rolling Stone Magazine asked her to write a blog called “Atrapada en la Gran Manzana” (“Trapped in the Big Apple”) narrating her experiences in the city of New York which became very popular. She later moved to NY where she decided to start a new moment in her career forming a rock n roll band called New Rock City led by herself and her partner, the multi-instrumentalist and also songwriter Kick. The band just released their debut album in the US in 2014. They’ve been opening for bands such as Walter Lure (Heartbreakers, Waldos), Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group), Mad Juana, Capsula, New York Junk and The Jigsaw Seen and collaborated with musicians such as Mickey Leigh among others. They’re currently working on their second album.